“Your Adventure Starts Here”

NH Magazine May Edition – Congrats to Diana Nelson, Pam John Laflamme and Paula Morin Kinney…named one of Nine Powerful (female) Teams in NH by NH Magazine!!


City Slickers –
“Your Adventure Starts Here” – that is the new motto of the Androscoggin Valley Chamber of Commerce, thanks in large part to three women who refused to see the city they love-Berlin- succumb to economic failure after the decline of the paper mill industry. The time came, says Pam Laflamme (right), Berlin’s community development director, for them to stop depending on industry from outside the city and to start utilizing what they already have-access to some of the state’s most beautiful natural resources. Along with Paula Kinney (center), executive coordinator at the Androscoggin Valley Chamber of Commerce and a driving force behind the Berlin Main Street Program, and City Councilor Diana Nelson (left), they began to steer the city towards embracing tourism and that started with ATVS. With the annual Jericho ATV Festival already in place and access to the massive Ride the Wilds ATV trail network right in town, the three hatched a plan to open up all of the city’s streets to ATVs. There’s already been a big uptick in traffic. There’s much more in the works than ATV tourism, says Nelson: “Our goal is that, now matter what type of adventure you want, you can have it here.”